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Passionate about UX and Product Design
since the jump

I've been doing UX / Product Design in some capacity for over a decade and still can't figure out how to explain what I do to my parents

I have two bachelor's degrees: one in Business Administration, and one in Visual Communication Design. The combination of the two gives me a strong business and strategic thinking foundation which is applied through my design process and approach. I have a diverse range of experience in design as well: program and software design, website design, information architecture, strategy formulation, user research, prototyping, app design, video editing, and visual design are among the projects of which I've had the good fortune to work.

My other passions include racing my Porsche 944, trying to cultivate a green thumb [I'm so bad at keeping plants alive], and telling my Great Dane Kaiser how handsome he is.


User Experience

Meaningful, intuitive, engaging digital and analog experiences

User Research / Testing

Spoiler alert: You're probably not your user.


Because nothing exists in a vacuum; it has to fit into or drive a higher purpose


Wireframes and mockups are great, but on their own they rarely tell the story of the product

Visual Design

Visual experiences that engage, inform, and inspire users